Kristy Kiernan
Award Winning Author
Between Friends  


ISBN: 978-0425233474

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Kiernan again
her ability to portray
true to life relationships
between women...
With realistic dialogue
and pinpointed emotions,
Kiernan paints a
persuasive portrait
of the bonds between
mothers, daughters,
and friends in this
inspiring, heartbreaking tale.

-Publishers Weekly

...a satisfying exploration
 of an enduring,
 complex friendship.


...hopeful in the face
of impossibility.
marriage, parenthood--
 can break your heart,
the novel reminds us.
The lucky among us
have a hand to grab
when the inevitable
waves knock
 us down.

-Miami Herald

...a graceful, richly
rewarding story of
family relationships.

-Ft. Myers Magazine

A provocative new novel about birth, death, and the stuff in-between, from the award winning author of Catching Genius and Matters of Faith.

There was a time when Ali Gutierrez would have been forced to give up her dreams of motherhood. But thanks to modern reproductive technology—and the gift of her best friend’s eggs—Ali is now the mother of fourteen-year-old Letty.

 Now, yearning for a second child, Ali asks her best friend’s permission to use another of the frozen embryos that have been stored away, awaiting this decision. But Cora has a secret that could not only change Ali’s plans for the future, but tear apart her life right now….

In this thoughtful, complex novel, Kristy Kiernan shows us two women struggling with life-changing decisions—and explores both timely moral issues and timeless truths about the definition of family.