Kristy Kiernan
Award Winning Author
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is your next book coming out?

A: Between Friends is now out! Like Catching Genius and Matters of Faith, the book deals with some controversial issues that book clubs will enjoy discussing.

Q: How do you come up with your ideas?

A: I've found that most of my story ideas are a combination of things I've had a lifelong interest in (the nature of genius, choice of religion, the decision to have children) with more current interests (how math and music are related, food allergies, in-vitro fertilization). I envision the way they come together as a rather violent and random smashing together of ideas in my mind...much like bumper cars. Every once in a while they get stuck together, and I decide they're a novel.

Q: Will you come to our book club meeting?

A: Due to an ever-increasing workload I regret that I am no longer able to make personal visits to book clubs. Do you want more books to read or boring old me at your book club drinking your wine and scarfing your cookies? I've found that doing both well has become impossible.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

A: I have so many! I read all kinds of different books for all kinds of different moods, but the authors I return to over and over again are: Marianne Wiggins, Luanne Rice, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Pat Conroy, Ron Rash, Anita Shreve, Kristin Hannah, Tasha Alexander, Julia Glass, Amy MacKinnon, T Cooper, Amy Tan, Lionel Shriver...oh, dear, so many more!

How can I get signed copies of your books?

A: One of my local independent bookstores, Sunshine Booksellers, has signed copies available to ship. Instructions are on the "Autographed Books" page.

Q: My book will be published soon. Do I need an independent publicist?

A: First, congratulations! You beat the odds, and I hope you've spent some time celebrating. Second, I'm the wrong person to ask this particular question of. You need to talk to your agent, and perhaps your editor. Each writer's situation is unique, and the decision to hire an independent publicist depends upon many factors. Speaking from my personal perspective, I was happy I hired Tom Robinson. His website is Author and Book Media, and he'll be happy to talk to you about your plans for your new book!

Q: Will you read/critique my novel/story/synopsis/query letter?

A: No, I can't, for many reasons, ranging from legal issues to time management. But if you'd like to polish your writing and learn how to get an agent and get published, do what I did: search for the information online. Get involved with reputable websites and form relationships with others who share your goals.

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For in-depth manuscript evaluation, including developmental edits and copyediting, send an e-mail to Lauren Baratz-Logsted-- glogsted AT aol DOT com-- with your request.

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